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This training program is brought to you by Arifu in partnership with the GSMA.

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Why partner with us

Arifu and the GSMA have partnered to create a Digital Skill Toolkit for MSMEs, a course based on the GSMA’s Mobile Internet Skills Training Toolkit, personalized for job seekers and entrepreneurs, and designed to be delivered over the Arifu Chatbot. Entrepreneurs and job-seekers engaging with the content will learn to use mobile apps including Google Search, Youtube, Whatsapp, and Facebook to promote their businesses to reach more customers, increase sales and learn new skills. They will also learn about affordable smartphone options, such as KaiOs, internet safety, and accessibility features to assist customers with auditory or visual impairments. The adoption of mobile tools will have a huge impact on how small businesses can grow in Africa and we are excited to be able to offer a Digital Skill Toolkit for MSMEs to our partners and their audiences.

Digital Skill Toolkit for MSMEs is available to partner organizations as a stand alone course or as part of Arifu’s larger suite of economic recovery content for MSMEs, which includes information on recovery products and services, updates on changing regulations for businesses, tools for job seekers, and more.

Whether you decide to licence the GSMA’s Digital Skill Toolkit content alone or as part of the larger MSME Economic Recovery Suite, Arifu will help you customize content and select a delivery channel to meet the needs of your audience. You will also gain access to an analytics platform with insights including content preference, assessment performance, and depth of engagement.

To date, over 1.5 million individuals have opted-in to gain new skills and learn about products with the Arifu Chatbot. By partnering with us to offer digital literacy content to your audiences you will play a part in helping us reach many more individuals with impactful content while positioning your organization as a thought leader and promoter of economic resiliency and growth for small businesses at scale.


A Partnership that can grow your organizational impact

Let us help you reach your organization’s full potential through customized impactful content distributed through mediums that your potential customers utilise. Arifu reaches over 1.5 million learners in Africa with tailored content that is distributed through mobile devices. This ensures your work can impact even remote rural communities across Africa.

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Arifu & GSMA Partnership Value addition to your organization’s current endeavors




With mobile training and marketing at 1-10% the cost of traditional in-person models, you can afford to engage millions of people in your target audience.




Deliver awareness and knowledge that drives usage of essential skills and high impact services.



Capture Data

Access real-time analytics and feedback to better understand your target audiences and design better solutions for them.

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